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Escape from the Sun!

Escape from the Sun! - the concepts of Poisson distributions, small probability situations, and random walks are uncovered through a series of activities culminating in a challenge to ESCAPE FROM THE SUN!
    Article - Blog article by Robert Krulwich @rkrulwich, cohost of Radiolab WNYC, discussion of photons' path inside the sun
    Student Copy (original version) - Poisson distribution development lead up to escape activity (does not include sun escape)
    Student Copy (newer version) - same as above, more discussion of the distribution, activities more compact (includes 3 very small versions of sun escape)
    Simulation Code (code and supporting data files, non-executable files in a zipped folder) - Brownian motion simulation made by a student (Nathan Werbeckes, ca 2004-5)
    Simulation - (executable file) Brownian motion simulation made by a student 24 hours after in-class activity! (a bit buggy, but very usable, code in above link)
    Overhead - Class data gets compiled here for discussion, use with either of the student copies above
    Stand-alone - Original Stand-alone version (no frills), 2-sided very large 'sun' takes awhile to escape, one side is for 6-sided die, other page allows for 4- or 8-sided die
    Doubled-Up - No frills, single-sided version allows for 4-, 6-, or 8- sided die escape activity on 1 page, most useful as an add-on activity, large 'sun', takes awhile to escape
    Big Sun! - (newer version) 3 big suns on 3 pages, with pictures of the dice used in the activity along with an easy to use key, overlayed upon actual distribution data
    Big Sun! - (newer version) same as above without the distribution data included at the bottom
    Medium Suns - 4- and 6- sided die 'suns' are paired together, culminating in big 'sun' 8-sided die on second page, the first page here is a good compromise activity