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Meeting Information

When are meetings held?

Meetings are held four times per year (historically on the first Wednesday of) October, December, February, and April. Social time begins at 5:30 pm, with sharing beginning at 6:00 pm.

Where are the meetings?

Meetings are held at the Stevens Point Area Senior High, known as SPASH, in room 2342 on the second floor. Enter through the main doors and follow the signs.

Who is invited?

Central Wisconsin Physics is open to anyone interested in sharing ideas in physics education or just participating in the conversation.

Am I expected to share at the meeting?

No. Sharing is voluntary.

If you are thinking of sharing something, do NOT think that others have 'seen it all' or that you need to share something spectacular. New teachers, as well as veterans, are always innovating and simple is often better.

Share what works for you. Share what works for your students.

What can I expect to get out of attending a sharing group?

The topics shared are often a grab bag. It depends on who attends and what he/she brings. You can review the resources and meeting pages to see what others have shared in the past.

Here is a list of suggested topics for each meeting to help you plan. There is no guarantee all of these topics will be covered, however.


  • measurement
  • math skills
  • motion
  • forces
  • Newton's Laws of Motion

  • special topic: systems of grading

  • rotation
  • circular motion
  • centripetal force & acceleration
  • center of gravity
  • gravitation
  • torque
  • impulse & momentum

  • special topic: simulations

  • work & energy
  • power
  • electrostatics
  • circuits
  • periodic motion
  • waves
  • sound
  • thermodynamics
  • pressure

  • special topic: modeling

  • light
  • geometric optics
  • nuclear & modern physics
  • astronomy

  • special topic: Advanced Placement, summative assessments
Spring Cleaning: Bring in your unneeded supplies. Give a head's up to others with this form.

What do I need to bring?

Those in attendance may find a laptop useful for following along or taking notes. If sharing, consider a handout that includes the details of what you are sharing. Include things like diagrams, online links, and your contact information (avoid phone numbers). Copies can be made on site to match the number of participants in attendance.

How should I prepare?

Just show up. Beverages, including bottled water, and light snacks will be provided.

Some people use Google Presentations and links to share with attendees so they can follow along with their presentations or review them later. Pictures or video of you or your students performing a lab, or a demonstration setup are especially helpful. Consider uploading your electronic documents in advance to this page by requesting access to the meeting drop box.

Send an email in advance if:
  • you would like to promote your topic, such as a make-and-take
  • you need a special setup or equipment available to participants
  • you need participants to bring something (such as a laptop)
  • you have information to share such as professional development opportunities or job postings
  • you have a request for ideas on a particular topic
What districts/ institutions have been represented by participants?

This map shows the location of schools or institutions represented by participants of Central Wisconsin Physics Sharing.

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