About Central Wisconsin Physics (CWP):

This is the site of the Central Wisconsin Physics Sharing group. Meetings are held at SPASH (Stevens Point Area Senior High), on the first Wednesday of every other month during the school year, starting in October. Social time starts at 5:30 pm. Sharing begins at 6:00 pm.

The focus of sharing is for teachers of physics and physical science, and topics are widely varied. If you are interested in attending, there is no registration or requirement of sharing. Just show up! Beverages & light snacks are available, as are certificates for Educator Effectiveness or similar programs.

Your thoughts and experience are valued at the sharing group, whether you are a long-time veteran or new in the field. Get to know what others do, and share what works for you!

The meeting dates for 2018-2019 are:
  • Wednesday, October 3rd - Focus on measurement & math skills, motion & forces, Newton's Laws of Motion, systems of grading
  • Wednesday, December 5th - Focus on rotation & circular motion, centripetal force & acceleration, center of gravity & torque, impulse & momentum, use of simulations
  • Wednesday, February 6th - Focus on energy & power, electrostatics & circuits, waves & sound, thermodynamics, modeling method of instruction
  • Wednesday, April 3rd - Focus on light & optics, nuclear & modern physics, astronomy, Advanced Placement topics, summative assessments (Spring Cleaning Meeting!)
The focus listed above is meant only to provide a generalized structure to the share group. Share what works for you, any topic!